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1/2015 - January/February

Good news from Europe where, according to Euroconstruct, in 2014 the economy was growing again. Unfortunately not everywhere with the same vivacity, and the framework of the 19 Member Countries of the eponymous network of economic forecasts on buildings is somewhat “mixed”. In order to understand the differences in the territorial areas, refer to the article on page 6, where we publish the numbers presented on the occasion of the last 78th Euroconstruct conference, held in November in Milan. The next international meeting will be held in Poland, a land of great hopes for anyone involved in construction. This is confirmed by the third edition of Euro-Lift (Kielce, Poland), who had excellent attendance figures. A central topic for the Euro-Lift seminar was accessibility, i.e. equal opportunities for people with and without disabilities.
This topic brings us to page 38, where Fabio Liberali presents a study on “School and accessibility” made by Cittadinanzattiva and submitted to the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament.
Needless to say, there is still much to do. Going from a one topic to another, the school topic suggests the words future and research. An analysis on the city of the future comes from the CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) conference in Shanghai, China. As expected, here the topic is not strictly the vertical transport but the general urban planning and sustainability of construction choices.
Finally, the year which has just ended saw innovative solutions such as “the first elevator in a world without ropes” or the virtual window open onto the world... from within a car.

And finally a word for something not strictly related to our specific sector. The massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the subsequent events in Paris affect us all as information professionals, even though our daily life is made of technical and regulatory texts. Democracy is for the stimulation of thoughts and freedom of expression, not violence. For this reason, today we are writing holding a pencil.

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