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In this issue
5/2016 - September/October

Since 24th June 2016, newspaper headlines have been focusing on Brexit. It is now time to evaluate how Brexit will affect the lift sector. We have therefore asked the opinions of ELA (European Lift Association) president, Jorge Ligüerre, and LEIA technical director (Lift and Escalator Industry Association), Nick Mellor. They deal with the situations without being worried. The UK voted for leaving the European Union and this hasn’t impacted only on the industry. Between “leave” and “remain” there are deep feelings and reasoning with roots deep in the past but at the same time these are aimed at the future. Do not miss the comparison between David Cooper (remain) and Gina Barney (leave) opinions.
Again the UK with the news about the Holborn (London) underground station where there were instructions to avoid running up the escalators on the left side. An experiment was carried out and this gives the author the occasion to describe the European Law framework and to comment on the Italian situation. Page 76 reports the article by Gina Barney about “escalators and moving walks” and the calculation of lift energy consumption.
In the article by Beat De Coi the 2D world becomes 3D. Thanks to a new smart technology, accidents will be reduced and the system performance improved.
Finally, in this issue another part of the article about the evolution “from stairs to mechanised systems”, which is now approaching the 20th century. And back to the “accessibility” topic and this concept evolution when compared to “disability conditions”, relevant to both society and locations.

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