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6/2014 - November/December

In order to understand the prospects of a specific sector, it is sometimes necessary to provide a broader context. That’s what we gave to our readers through a short series of articles on the building sector in general.
Let’s start from the 77th Euroconstruct Conference held last June in Oslo, Norway. The report suggests an average growth rate of 1.8% per year in real terms, from 2014 to 2016. This recovery, mainly due to the new residential buildings, generates shy but positive effects on all sectors. Read the complete article at page 6.
Another step of our short path is the Rebuild event, held in Riva del Garda, last September. This event is an interactive platform of knowledge and discussion, fully dedicated to the upgrading and sustainable management of real estate in Italy. It is aimed at developers, designers, public and private administrators, manufacturers, finance operators, component manufacturers, ESCos (Energy Service Company) and service providers: a useful showcase for the lift industry (page 10).
Finally, “The future city: urban development and transportation needs”. The study offers an assessment of future scenarios by imagining future cities and patterns of urban mobility (page 14).
The latter topic, city-mobility, makes a good foreword for the architecture article “Venice: a difficult challenge for accessibility”.
The lagoon city is seen as a real lab where it is possible to find viable solutions, despite these are often impassable.
Finally “The new EN 81-77” with safety rules for lifts installed in seismic areas. The author is Paolo Tattoli, team leader of the working group that drafted it. The goal of the standard is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries, as well as preventing damages to the systems and the environment and reducing the number of installations put out of service.

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