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4/2017 - July/August

The digital revolution is here. Perhaps few realized this but in the next years, six out of 13.5 million lifts in the world will operate in a smart way. It’s the so called IoT (Internet of Things). They will be connected to other systems and able to manage tailored information in order to offer customised services. On last 27th April, in Luzern, Switzerland, the ELA (European Lift Association) General Assembly was held and focused on various topics of the vertical transportation, such as: accessibility, safety, energy saving and smart cities. On page 6, Fabio Liberali reports the event details and future perspectives for the lift industry.
In Techniques, Professor Lutfi Al-Sharif (et Al.) in his article titled “Design of traffic systems in high rise buildings”, page 48, reports about a systematic methodology for the design of elevator traffic systems in high rise office buildings by using rational rules and leaving aside rules of thumb”. Briefly, “six rational rules are presented and used in the design of elevator systems in high rise buildings. The rules are triggered by the checking of a number of design parameters such as the waiting time and the travelling time, as well as the core area used up and the number of elevators in the group. A simulator for incoming traffic and a single entrance is used in order to obtain the parameters for a design and then to trigger the rational rules.”
It’s summer and we are already thinking about Interlift. Elevatori is getting ready for the most important vertical transportation exhibition in the world (Augsburg, Germany, 17th – 20th October 2017). Among the various initiatives, our magazine is launching the new “How it Works 4” booklet focused on EN 81-20&50 standards. This booklet is trilingual: German, English and Italian. This edition is benefiting of the collaboration of various important sector companies and some of them are associated with VFA-Interlift.
Finally, do not miss the editorial by engineer Giovanni Varisco on the “standards” topic.

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