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3/2017 - May/June

Turkey was previously a country with very good prospects in the future, but today it raises some concerns. Fabio Liberali reports about facts collected during his last trip to Istanbul. There is a lot to say about Asansoristan, this is how Elevatori defines the Turkish lift sector. Two international exhibitions were held in the same days: the 15th edition of Asansör (23rd-26th March 2017) and Eurasia Lift, 3rd edition (22nd-25th March 2017). Both fairs were successful and offered options for further reflection, despite the lift market recorded a decline in 2016.
The editorial written by Giovanni Varisco and titled “Safety issues” opens an ample section focused on escalator accident prevention.
Several examples, from various global locations, remind us that lifts and escalators are the only existing unmanned transportation means. The association with the automotive sector immediately suggests the “licence” matter, which is the focus of the “Looking for maintenance operators” article by AssoAscensori, relevant to the safety topic.
Back to accidents.
Bruno Ciborra explains the correct behaviour on escalators in order not to take undue risks. A series of accidents is reported by K. Rajah Venkatraman in “Escalator & elevator accidents in Asia”, page 44. Interesting suggestions come from the research “London Underground escalator safety strategy” by P. Harley & K. Seaborne.
Finally, the National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII) illustrates the news on lift and escalator safety in 2017.
Lastly, a case study on the Varese cableway, which underwent an upgrade for the enhancement of its tourist and urban transportation functions.

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