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3/2015 - May/June

Welcome in Asansoristan. Fabio Liberali takes us for a ride in the kingdom of vertical transportation, in a special geographic area: Turkey. This is the only bi-continental country in the world, thanks to the peculiar position of its capital.
The fourteenth edition of Asansör (Asansoristan) highlighted the numbers showing the growth – sometimes sloppy – of the urban areas around Istanbul. In the last few years, the city skyline has been deeply modified. On such changes, we have a special report on high-rise buildings in historical cities, explaining the Istanbul case.
As usual, the Topical Subjects pages take you around the world. From the Bosphorus shores, we take you to Bangladesh, to report on the first lift exhibition ever held in the country The we introduce you the forthcoming Russian expo. Last but not least, we announce the second event of Italia Eleva.
On May Day, the Milan Expo 2015 – Universal Exhibition was inaugurated. Up to now, some 11 million tickets have already been sold. Starting from this issue we present a series of papers dedicated to the vertical transportation systems, inside the various pavilions. If you are interested in visiting the Expo, look at our micro-guide to see how the reach the site.
The technical and standard pages are focussed on two topics. The first is about escalator handrails diagnostics. Then Giovanni Varisco explains the changes how the management of lifts installed and to be installed in Italy has changed, regarding the distinction between those in private service and those in public service.
One very last suggestion: always wash your hands. Read about lifts, buttons and bacteria... and you’ll find why!

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