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2/2014 - March/April

This issue opens with two interviews focusing on topical subjects of our sector: the first interview (Wittur Group) provides a company’s point of view, the second one (ANICA) provides an association’s point of view. Both offer a lively picture where there is also room for new ideas.
As regards news, let’s talk now about Italia Eleva: an event organised and conceived by ANACAM and ANICA, which will couple the annual meeting with a mini-expo. The first edition will be held in June, from 19th to 21st, at Parchi del Garda di Lazise Hotel in Verona.
We also mentioned it in our cover. The Techniques section is focused again on the topic of tall buildings with an article by G. Von Klan, S. Edgett and J. Armas, at page 54, summarising in nine pages “the advancements of vertical transportation systems in tall buildings for the professionals of design and Asian developers”.
The topic of tall buildings is also in the article by D. Trabucco, D. Petucco and P. Oldfield, illustrating the project “Roadmap on the Future Research Needs of Tall Buildings”, promoted by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (the second and last part at page 42).
In this issue we keep on publishing “How it Works 3” chapters (in this issue: Chapter 2 and 3), published in collaboration with the technicians of the German VFA Association.
As always, we give you information about the exhibition events worldwide (such as the area for the vertical transportation in the 2015 Made to be held in Milan -Italy, while in Cairo -Egypt, a new exhibition called Liftech Expo is starting and event dates are already scheduled until 2016).
Our readers loving routine should not worry. This issue also includes all the usual contents, such as Giovanni Varisco’s editorial and ANICA’s members interviews..

Contents of the This issue

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Italian National Association of Elevator Component Manufacturers
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